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Carrot syrup against cough recipe!

carrot syrup

Carrot syrup which removes mucus from the lungs and stops coughing.

In the season of cold and flu, it is very good to have natural medicine to help you stop coughing and unleash your lungs of mucus. Today we present one carrot syrup, which is great for children also as for the adults.

One of the healthiest vegetables in the world is a carrot. It abounds in antioxidants, carrot juice is one of beneficial for lowering blood pressure and can help prevent diabetes. It is recommended by the doctors to drink fresh carrot juice because it contains more nutrients and our body has many more health benefits from it.

Here are some benefits of using carrots:

Strengthens the immune system and prevents heart disease,
prevents cancer,
Lowers cholesterol,
prevents acne,
Excellent for skin health,
rich in calcium,
stimulates digestion,
detoxification of the body,

Recipe for a natural syrup carrot against cough:

Half a kilo of carrots
3-4 veins honey

Preparation cough carrot syrup:
Carrots cleaned and cut into rings. Put in a bowl and cover with water, make sure that all carot is in the water.. Briefly cook until carrots gets tender. Remove from the water and mash mixer or blender. The water in which the cooked carrots leave to cool, then add the honey and mix everything with carrot puree.

Take 3-4 spoons of this cough syrup carrot during the day, you will feel the improvement of one to two days.

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