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Banana peel against Headache!

Banana peel

Banana peel on her forhead when she lay down, and the results were amazing. This is just unbelievable!

Headache is uncomfortable pain in any part of the head. Headaches may occur on one or both sides of the head, also be isolated in a particular location, hey can develop gradually or suddenly. Can last from less than one hour to several days.

If you have ever experienced headaches, surely you know how this experience terrible is. But there is one simple and completely natural solution to this problem and you have surely by now a million times threw …

Banana peel stops headache!

Many swear by this method and say it works every time. All you need is to take a banana peel, put on the forehead and paste tape.

Hold for 20 minutes and headache should go. If not, keep a little longer …

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