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This cake is realy something special, I share with you this recipe..


Looks complicated, but it´s not. This cake is realy special and you will love it.

For crust:
15 proteins (egg white)
15 spoonfuls of minced walnuts
15 sugars of sugar
5 pie flour

15 yolks
250 g of sugar
100 g of chocolate
250 g margarine

4 dl of sweet cream

1. Mix the white eggs in a firm and then gradually add the sugar until it dries.
2. In the firmed white eggs, add the minced walnuts and the flour, then slowly mix with the jar.
3. Put the baking paper on the baking sheet and then pour one third of the prepared baking mix into it. Furnace in warmed husk at 180 ° C until porous. In the same way from the remaining material bake 2 more crusts.

1. . Mix the egg yolks and with sugar and melt on the steam until it thickens.
2. At the end of cooking, add the chopped chocolate and continue with the mixture to get melted.
3. In chiled cream, add softened margarine and mix with the mixer..

Final procedure:
1. Each crust extends longitudinally 3 times to get 4 bands from one crust. So you get 12 crusts from three.

2. First crust smear with prepared filling and roll on and put in the middle of saucer.
Other crusts also smear with filling and circularly placedaround the first roll until the material is consumed..

3. Prepare the shaped cake with the remaining filling and decorate with the sweet cream.

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