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COCONUT AND CHOCOLATE CAKE A great combination of coconut and chocolate 🙂

– 8 pieces of egg whites + little salt, 120 g of sugar, 80 g of sharp flour, 50 g of coconut flour, 2 teaspoons of baking powder, 100 ml of oil
To soak the biscuit: a little milk, 1 vanilla sugar, how many you wish of a coconut liqueur

Coconut Filling:
– 8 egg yolks
– 140 g density
– 150-200 g of sugar and 100g of coconut flour
– About 0.9 – 1 l of milk
– 120 g butter + 4 kcal. Wet whipped cream

Chocolate filling:
– 130 g of chocolate for cooking
– 150 g of milk chocolate
– 5 dl of liquid cream (cream 5+ Dolcela – herbal)
– 1 grated lemon peel and 150 g sweet cream

Coconut Filling:
Prepare a cook for the filling, pour the coconut into it and place it on the stove. Shortly run the coconut for about 1-2 minutes. Just to mildly change the color. Pour with about 3-4 dl of milk and boil for some 5-8 minutes with a lid to soften the coconut. During this time, prepare other ingredients for fillet. Mix coconut and milk mixture into blender and mix (you can skip this step, but this way I get a fine coconut pan). Transfer the pulp into the jug with the measures and bring the milk so that the total is up to 1l. Back to the stove. Mix yogurt, thickness and sugar with a little milk that it does not have a clod and when the liquid on the stove warms to cook a thick cream with constant stirring. When the creamy cooked surface is covered, the cream should be covered with transparent foil and left to cool.

(You can split the ingredients into 2 and bake two separate covers. The bars are thin):
Flour and baking powders mix, add coconut flour. Add white salt to the whites and mix gradually and add sugar. Blow into solid snow. Add the powdered ingredients to the blend of blubber mixing (just roll over with the cooker), finally pour the oil gently with stirring. In the prepared round mold d = 24-26 cm, we lightly lubricated the bottom (not the perimeter!) And put the baking paper, pour the mixture and the oven to 170. 15 minutes, slightly longer or shorter depending on the oven. Wrap around the hoop, if possible, put a wet towel and thus bake, the edges are evenly and finely baked. Leave the baked biscuit to cool at room temperature.

Chocolate filling:
Chop the chocolate, bend it in the sherry and sprinkle with 3 dl cream for whipped cream. Warm up at medium temperature and mix to make all chocolate melted. Add the narandan lemon peel and let the mixture go down.

Coconut filling:
Mix the butter and add it to the warm (more cold than hot :)) fil with constant mixing so that everything is fine and there is no clod.

200 ml cream for cream 5+ wink quite a bit (later manual mixing will regulate the strength of the filler). Add 4 tablespoons to coconut fill and mix manually, and add to the rest chilled mixture of chocolate and milleram and lightly manually mix to the desired strength.
Cut the whole chilled bread into 2 parts. Prepare the liquid for cake soaking (mix all the ingredients and heat to keep the liquid warm). The first half of the cake is a little stabbed with a toothpick, sprinkled with a few spoons of a mixture of milk, vanilla and liqueur; Chocolate filling; Coconut filling. Repeat the procedure again.

Decorate it on request with coconut, cream or chocolate glaze.

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