Effective / Quick-Weight Beverage Recipe, Lower Blood Sugar and Cholesterol level

Health beverage recipe

Health beverage recipe, proved to be very effective in losing weight. Of course, you need to move and eat healthy.. In addition to being good for weight loss, it will work well on overall health. Ingredients that are part of this beverage are very healthy. Chia seeds are beneficial for health because



Mini strudel with nutella recipe, easy and fast to make, your kids will love it. Ingredients 500g. Flour 1/2 baking powder 100g. Sugar powder 1 vanilla sugar 200g. Butter cut into leaves 160ml. Milk 1/2 cover and lemon juice 220g. Nutelle for spread 80-100g. Fried and milled hazelnuts Preparation 1. Place the flour in a mixing bowl with baking powder, sugar and

Dandelion – one of the healthiest teas in the world


Dandelion - free healing food from your yard cleans blood, liver, regulates digestion. Swelling and breastfeeding, recommended as a diet for pregnant women and postmenopausal women. Dandelion root is an excellent cleansing toxin. Namely, this root is one of the strongest herbal preparations to eliminate toxins from the body. The popular dandelion