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Mini strudel with nutella recipe, easy and fast to make, your kids will love it. Ingredients 500g. Flour 1/2 baking powder 100g. Sugar powder 1 vanilla sugar 200g. Butter cut into leaves 160ml. Milk 1/2 cover and lemon juice 220g. Nutelle for spread 80-100g. Fried and milled hazelnuts Preparation 1. Place the flour in a mixing bowl with baking powder, sugar and

KINDER PENGUINS RECIPE – taste as an original

kinder penguins recipe

KINDER PENGUINS RECIPE - the best for lovers of kinder penguins cake that really works as original. INGREDIENTS Biscuit 5 pieces of egg whites 1 tablespoons of honey 5 tablespoons of flour 2 tablespoons full of cocoa 2 tablespoons oil 5 egg yolks 1/2 Baking powder filling 2.5 dl of sweet cream and optionally 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar 1.5 dl of

PUDDING COOKIES IN 15 MINUTES. Try, that’s all I’ll say ….

pudding cookies

These pudding cookies are fast and easy to prepare, ingredients 250g margarine 100g of powdered sugar 1 pudding of powdered chocolate and 1 pudding of strawberry powder (You can cook it with different taste of pudding). 250g of soft flour Preparation 1. Prepare margarine well with a sugar / mix / add mix other ingredients ... paste,

Grits CUBES – BETTER THAN ice cubes


Grits CUBES everyone loves them BECAUSE THEY ARE BETTER THAN ice cubes... Separate the egg yolks and mix them (add a little salt for strength). When you mix egg slowly, add the sugar and stir until melted. Ingredients; Dough: 7 pieces of egg whites and 5 pieces of egg yolks 10 tablespoons sugar 1 packet vanilla